Graduate Franchise Employees

Graduate Franchise Employees


Tuition & Financial Aid

Application and Enrollment Fees have been waived and Tuition per credit has also been reduced 15%.

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The Application Process

I. Create a MyExcelsior Account and Apply

Use the button below to create your MyExcelsior account and apply under your Life Unboxed benefits. It’s just easier this way.

Once you have created your MyExcelsior account, you will be prompted to complete an online Undergraduate Application for Admission.

Within a day after applying, Excelsior College will contact you via email and your MyExcelsior message center to go over the documents needed to complete your application evaluation.

Create a MyExcelsior Account and Apply

II. Request Official Transcripts

Contact all previously attended academic institutions to have official transcripts, examination score reports, and/or military documentation you listed on your application sent to Excelsior’s Office of the Registrar.

For further information about documentation, see Transcripts and Documentation.


Explore Our Student Success Guide

While you’re waiting for all the application stuff to process, use our Student Online Success Guide to determine your learning style, get tips on time management, and prepare for success at Excelsior.

In the meantime, Excelsior’s admissions team will be busy reviewing your application and documents. They’ll prepare an initial assessment of your transfer credits and notify you when it is available in MyExcelsior. This typically takes 2-3 weeks from the time the team receives all of your documents.

Learn how to succeed at Excelsior


Enroll in Graduate Degree / Certificate  Programs

Once you have received official notification that you have been accepted into the graduate degree/certificate program of choice, you can submit your enrollment agreement by using the “Apply or Enroll” button at the top of any program page, or by clicking the button below.

Enroll into a Graduate Degree / Certificate program Now >


Course Registration

I. Get Academic Advising and Course Approval

Connect with your academic advisor right after you submit your enrollment agreement. Your advisor will help you:

  • Understand the steps required to complete your degree program
  • Select the right courses, exams and other approved sources of credit for fulfilling your degree requirements
  • Address your academic concerns

After you and your advisor select a course(s) for the upcoming term, you will receive course approval(s) via email and your MyExcelsior message center, and you can move on to course registration.

Use our course search to find courses that interest you.

Note: Course approvals from your advisor are required before you can register for a course.

II. Register for Courses

After you receive course approval there are two ways to register for courses:

  • Online registration using links found on Course Search and in course descriptions
  • Phone registration during regular business hours: 888-285-8648 ext. 4

III. Acquire Textbooks

Purchase (or borrow) required books/materials for your use while taking courses. 

  • Required texts and study materials are available through the Excelsior College Bookstore in partnership with MBS Direct Bookstore.
  • Each course description has a link to the bookstore listing any required books and study materials for that course.

Visit the Excelsior College Bookstore